The story of Varsos


Our company’s founder Vassilios H. Varsos left Kastriotissa, Fokidos with his brother and came to Athens.


At the age of 16, he opened a milk product shop at the corner of Panepistimiou and Santaroza Street in Athens.


Varsos was flourishing as it employed 24 people and had one of the largest refrigerators at the time, with 20 blocks of ice.


In 1922  was decided to move the business in the center of Kifisia because at that time its people had the major buying power

1940 - 1950

During the harsh times of the German Occupation many Athenians came to live in Kifisia, as it was easier to find food. During this time pure milk was very hard to find as it was usually watered down. Varsos Kifisia, out of respect to its clients, received the milk from the producers and immediately distributed it to its clients, thus guaranteeing that it was pure and clean. This responsible attitude and honesty created many constant and exclusive customers.

Konstantinos Varsos, the son of the founder expanded the company’s business before the war, with cheese producing units in Aliveri, Oropos and Kalavryta, which he kept until 1950.


Konstantinos Varsos gave a new impetus to the company, as for the very first time in Greece, he imported cows from Holland. A Dutch cow yielded 35-40 kgs of milk, while a Greek one yielded only 8-10 kgs. Of course, the Dutch sold only cows and no bulls as to keep their exclusivity. Konstantinos as he was a very clever businessman, he managed to buy some pregnant cows during his trips to Holland. Most of them lost their calves during their steamship journey, but of the few saved, he managed to get two bulls. He now had the ability to reproduce and improve the breed, something that was a revolution for farm management and milk yield.


In 1965 George and Vassilis Varsos took over the company. Their passion for work increased their business very quickly. In fact, within a few months, an inconceivable number of people marched through the store. There has been a day that police protection was needed because of the large crowds of people cramming into the store. The queue of customers had reached Kifissias Square (Trohonomos)!

7 / 1965

During the critical political time that Greece spent in July 1965, Varsos became a point of reference. On the night of July 14th, ministerial cars began to gather outside the store. Ministers set up and used the company's phones. The store was closed to the public and Catherine Varsou served coffees and croissants. In the morning hours, Konstantinos Mitsotakis, Dimitris Papaspyrou, and Stelios Alamanis arrived and stepped up their efforts so that Papandreou would not resign.


Innovations in the production process are never ending. Varsos store is the first in Greece to establish a microbiological laboratory for milk processing. Entering into a new age, the company operates with the highest standards for quality product production and consumer safety.


1992 is a really important year. Varsos has been celebrating one hundred years of continuous operation and is one of the few centuries-old businesses in Greece. Festive events were organized, and the logo and boxes used by the pastry shop were replaced by collectibles.


The era dictates changes in the appearance of the pastry shop. The hall and the garden of the store are completely renovated.

It is a comfortable and welcoming place that has kept its character. The old with the new coexist harmoniously: some of the company's first machines continue to be housed there, as museum items.


Today Konstantinos and Antonis, the new generation is responsible for all Varsos stores. Keeping in mind the progress of the business and at the same time, adhering to its principles, they are implementing their plans for Varsos to move into the new era.