The philosophy of Varsos has remained the same since 1892 when it was a dairy shop in Athens, until today, which is one of the most famous pastry shops in the city. We respect the customer, we provide high-quality products, with pure traditional materials, always following the same recipes. Over time, the love of the world is what keeps us at the top.


Do you want to make a quick coffee stop at our pastry shop or pick up an order, but don't know where to park your car?

Don't worry, we have a solution for that. With purchases over seven euros, parking is available and free of charge for twenty minutes, so you can place your order and pick up your coffee or sweet without stress and rush.

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In the 1960s, Varsos hosted important personalities, both from the political and artistic fields. The hall is full of pictures of events and stories that marked Greece. A few decades later, the character and the atmosphere remains the same. The space has been remodeled and it is highly aesthetic and comfortable. The place is offered for brunches, coffee, family or corporate meals, business lunches, children's parties, birthdays and festive events.


The climate of Kifissia is considered ideal. A few decades ago it was a vacation spot for the Athenians, who kept their holiday homes there. 

The garden welcomes our customers during the summer months. Surrounded by greenery, it is a great choice to enjoy your coffee or sweet in a cool and comfortable atmosphere.

VARSOS: an integral part of Kifissia

From 1922 until today we have a unique store, located in Kifissia, 5 Kassavetis Street.